Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reading Logs (Due 9/9/16)

Summer Reading Logs

DUE: Friday, September 9, 2016

Directions: Many authors describe events and topics that are relevant to our personal lives. Using one of the “Seven Ways to Show What You Know” (below), discuss how the book you read this summer connects to your own life.  To meet the requirements for this assignment, you must use at least one Apt Specific Reference (“ASR”) to support your ideas.  Additionally, you must provide some visual evidence of your summer reading log.

Seven Ways to Show What You Know
·      Blog Post (250- to 500-words)
·      YouTube video (two- to three-minutes)
·      Pamphlet/Brochure (two front and back pages)
·      Poster
·      Podcast (five-minutes with a classmate)
·      Letter to your teacher/class (one full page)

·      Presentation (three- to five-minutes)

To Submit: Final projects must be uploaded to the class Wiki page by Friday, Sept. 9, 2016.  If you choose to do a blog post, post your blog at the class blog and the class wiki.

Scoring Guidelines:
1.    Provide the title and author of the work you read this summer,
2.    Include some visual evidence of your reading log,
3.    Offer a short summary about the work (storyline, major characters, etc.), and
4.    Give one Apt Specific Reference (“ASR”) for how the story connects with your own life.