Monday, June 5, 2017

English Essentials: Writing Workshop

Writing Prompt:
All of last week, we participated in an intensive, collaborative writing workshop. Each of you put copies of your rough draft up on the projector and we discussed your thesis statements, topic sentences, evidence, and ideas.

For today, we will do something a little bit different.  I want you to spend 20 minutes doing the following:

1) Write down your answer to the question, "How does Chris Kyle change?"

Your answer should look like this: "Chris Kyle changes through ___, ___, and ___." Each blank will be one of the arguments you make your body paragraphs.

For example:

Chris Kyle changes through the lessons his father teaches him about protecting those who are weaker than himself, the lessons he learns as the number one sniper for the US military, and the discovery that he can still be a sheepdog protecting his family and military veterans at home.

2) Then, spend the next 15-20 minutes writing quietly. You should focus on making sure you explain how the evidence in each paragraph answers this question.

After your quiet writing, we'll pick a volunteer and put your answers on the board, workshopping for the rest of class.


  1. Chris Kyle changes through how he was concerned with protecting his younger brother when a older kid was beating him, Kyle also goes through a big change while being in the U.S Military is he changes from just begin a sheepdog to being a much bigger sheepdog because he was protecting his military family. While being in the military Kyle changes through his emotions.

  2. Chris Kyle changes through starting his carrer as a cowboy who worked on a ranch, to Kyle enlisting himself into the Navy SEALs, and going on to become what he is known as today as “The Legend.”

  3. Chris Kyle changes through the way he acts around his future wife Taya, how he acts around his Navy SEALs' family, and how his relationship with Marc impacted his views on family. The way he acts around Taya changes over the course of the book. In the beginning of the book when Chris first meets Taya, they get along really well and start spending a lot of time together. Kyle decides he really likes her, and soon marries her. Throughout the course of the book things start to get a lot harder between the two, soon to be three. Chris Kyle spends a lot of time out of the country because he is a Navy SEAL, so it makes it hard on Taya to be all alone with a baby on the way. In the end of the book, the Kyle family is a happy family of four, with Chris home for good. He isn't home for long, and before you know it his life is taken from him. Chris Kyle changes the way he acts around his Navy SEALs family in the book. In the beginning when they all meet each other for the first time they get along fine, although they really didn't know one another yet. In the middle of the book they view Kyle as a legend, and he is who his former Navy SEALs look up to. In the end of the book, Marc dies and Kyle feels guilty about it because he feels like he wasn't there to protect him. After the death of Marc it brings Kyle's SEALs family closer together. Chris Kyle's view on family after the death of Marc change over the course of the book. In the beginning Kyle thought family was blood, a mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. In the middle of the book Kyle realizes you can have more than one family because he did. He had his work family, even though they weren't blood related, the rest of the SEALs were still his family. By the end of the book he also realizes you can have friends be your family too. Marc and Kyle were so close it's like they were brothers, after he died Chris changed his view on family and realized you can have more than one.


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