Monday, May 1, 2017

9/10 English: Diagramming Tweets

In yesterday's class, we reviewed Adjectival Phrases (phrases that modify a noun, answering the questions, "Which one?" "What kind?" and "How many?").  Then, we diagrammed those sentences on the board, identifying which nouns our adjectival phrases modified.

One of our classmates had the great idea that we diagram a sentence by Donald Trump! Because tweets have their own kind of grammar—they are limited to 140 characters, often include ampersands and shorthand to convey longer words—I agreed this would be a fun activity, and we picked the tweet pictured above.

For today, please identify the parts of speech in the rest of Donald Trump's tweet that we didn't get to yesterday.  Then, diagram the rest of the sentence, starting with "while at the same time" all the way to "pre-existing conditions." To get you started, answer the following questions:

1) What part of speech is the word while?
2) What kind of phrase is at the same time?
3) What do you think we should do with pre-existing conditions?


  1. 1. While is an adverb.
    2. the phrase "at the same time" is a adjectival phrase?
    3. pre-existing is an adjective, therefore it would go underneath "conditions" on the diagram. possibly would put "existing" underneath "conditions" and "pre-" coming off of "existing" as it is describing "existing".


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