Friday, May 26, 2017

11/12 English: The Coaches that Inspire Us

Writing Prompt:
Over the last couple of weeks, I've really enjoyed getting to read your journals from the Freedom Writers activity.  I've learned a lot about each of you, and one thing has become pretty apparent: some of the most influential people in your lives are teachers and coaches.

For the next week, we will be exploring this topic--the importance and impact coaches have on us--and looking into the ways you have been motivated and inspired to do your best.

While you can write any anything about the scenes we saw from the movie today, here are two writing prompts to get you started. Please pick one of the following and write in your personal journals.

1) Compare Coach Carter with one of your coaches (e.g., basketball, baseball, soccer).

2) Why does Coach Carter's players do what he says? They're resistant at first, but begin to follow his rules and instructions. Why is that?

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