Tuesday, May 9, 2017

English Essentials: Understanding How Characters Change

In yesterday's class, we discussed some of the ways Chris Kyle has changed over the course of the book (and movie).  Because round characters can be seen from all sides, we get a sense of the emotions they experience as they go through major life changes.  For example, when Kyle's wife says that his "hands feel different" after his first tour of Iraq, the audience is getting a clue that Kyle is not the same man that went off to war.  His physical change represents his actual change as a soldier (and sniper).  This change is further emphasized when Kyle becomes a father only a few minutes later in the movie.

Writing Activity:
For today, find a specific example of how Kyle changes in the book American Sniper and explain how he has changed from the man he was before that incident took place. Make sure to use a quote, cite your page number, and discuss the way Kyle changes in the quote.  Give your reader an explicit explanation ("word for word") and an  implicit explanation (implied meaning in the quote).

When you have explained Kyle's change, compare it to the movie. How is this change represented in the movie? Is it different (or the same) in any important ways?

Post your response in the comments section below. Be sure to check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  You will receive a summative score for L1 (rubric here) and RL3 (rubric here).

Then, respond to your classmates with a specific and meaningful comment.


  1. Kyle describes how he has changed after being a part of Marc’s military family. Chris Kyle writes, “They put us on the front row. We were his family” (286). Chris Kyle and the rest of his soldiers were as much of Marc's family as his real family. The “we” in the quote is the entire army unit the SEALs were working with at the time that they showed up to the funeral; also this shows that people can have more than one family. People can have their real family and their work family or their friend family. Before Chris left on his first mission in Iraq, he was a family man, always with his parents and Taya. Since he left to become a Navy SEAL, he has gained another family with the military. Chris Kyle spends more time with them than he does with his real family because he works with them and is with them in another country fighting. They all do everything together: they fight together, they eat together, they sleep together, and they train together, just like a real family. Add transition He doesn’t see Taya very often, only when he comes home, for short periods of time. Add summary sentence.

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  3. “THAT NIGHT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. THAT’S WHEN I came to the realization that I'm not superhuman. I can die (337)”. Chris Kyle can die he realized after he got shot twice. Chris Kyle doesn't have and exceptional power over anybody else and he can die just as easily as anybody else.


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