Monday, May 1, 2017

English Essentials: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

Writing Activity:
Rewatch the scene in which Chris Kyle's father tells him an important piece of advice: in life, some people are sheep, some people are wolves, and some people are sheepdogs; each animal plays an important role in a society.

1) What does Kyle's father mean by calling some people sheep, wolves, and/or sheepdogs?
2) What theme (central idea) do you see emerge from this early lesson?
3) Give one example in which you see Kyle acting as a "sheepdog."  Who are his sheep? How does he protect them?

Formative Assessment for RL2, "I can determine theme and analyze how it develops over the course of a work." (Rubric here.)
L2, "I can demonstrate command of the conventions of standard written English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing."  (Rubric here.)


  1. What Kyle's father means by sheepdog, sheep, and wolves is when a sheep is getting bullied (kid) by the wolves (bully) the sheepdog is the one that is protecting the sheep that is getting hurt.

    The theme I see is Kyle being confident in what he's doing and what he believes in.

    One example I saw when Kyle was begin the sheepdog is in the beginning of the movie when Kyle's brother was getting beat up, he pushed his brother away and finished by beating up the kid that was beating up his brother.

  2. 1. Kyle's father meant the sheep where the weaker people who would get picked on or bullied by the wolves, The wolves bully the sheep but the sheep dogs protect the sheep from getting bullied by the wolves.

    2. The theme I see is that Kyle is a sheepdog and is protecting his family and his country which are the sheep in this situation and the wolves are Irac and the kid who would bully his brother at school.

    3. He helped his brother at school when he was getting bullied and when the kid and woman had the bomb and he shot both of them to save the other seals. The sheep where his brother and the other seals. He protected the seals by killing the kid and the woman and protected his brother by beating up the bully.

  3. 1. Kyle's father calls people the sheep, wolves and sheepdogs because of how people act. The sheep are the victims, the wolves are the bullies and the sheepdogs protect the sheep.
    2. The theme is the protection of our country.
    3. An example of the sheep, wolves and sheepdogs is in the beginning of the movie and the book when Kyle kills the boy and his mother. Kyle was a sheepdog in this event because he was protecting the rest of the troops. The troops were the sheep, and the boy and his mother were the wolves because she gave him the grenade to throw. He shot them both to protect his troops.


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